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If you or someone you know has used medical marijuana to successfully treat his or her symptoms, please share your story by emailing us at All testimonials will remain anonymous, but if you prefer not to have your story shared on our website, please indicate so in your email. We appreciate your support!



“In 1996 at the age of 27 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and over the next five years I had six attacks, all while on the once weekly injectable medicine, Avonex. At the same time I was experiencing marriage problems which resulted in trouble sleeping.  A friend suggested that I try using marijuana to aid in sleep, instead of taking things like Ambien or other habit forming sleep aids. Well, I took this suggestion and have been sleeping great. I am now divorced, but MS has been silent; completely silent.

“I firmly believe that medical marijuana has been instrumental in my treatment and management of MS, and the MS Foundation supports this experience and recommends MM as a viable treatment for this horrible disease.

“I’m proud to say that in 2016 I now have Benign MS and have been completely symptom-free for well over a decade… I’ve encountered countless other stories from patients that are struggling every day with their health and have little hope and nowhere left to turn for relief.  As a patient myself, it’s my honor to have the opportunity to serve the patients of MA and help them find the relief they’ve been waiting for.”

(Geoffrey Reilinger, CEO, Compassionate Organics, Inc.)


“In 2014, I sustained a severe injury to my arm. A deep laceration had severed more than ten tendons, two nerves and all three arteries. I underwent immediate surgery and was put on heavy painkillers.  Two weeks later I underwent a second surgery for a total of 20 hours under the knife. Five days after my second surgery, my treating doctors were adamant to get me off of narcotic painkillers. So rather than prescribing more Percocet or Vicodin, I was prescribed three or four different medications; Neurontin and Tramadol just to name a few. I was told to take the Neurontin multiple times a day, than if I still had pain, take a dose of the Tramadol. I felt distant and detached from my family when taking opiates, and the pain still lingered. When I asked my doctors about it they said if I still was experiencing pain I could take up to the suggested daily dosage of Ibuprofen. That was a breaking point.

“The first time I used MMJ was about two weeks after my last surgery. The constant throbbing and sharp pain in my forearm was almost immediately under control, enough so that I was able to stop taking all my prescribed medications the next day.  My head felt clearer after smoking than it ever had while taking the various opiate pain killers. I was able to get my appetite back and I no longer suffered from Opioid induced constipation. Most importantly I was able to finally engage fully with my family once again. For me, I received longer relief from my pain and discomfort by smoking MMJ than I had from taking Percocet. Not to mention, I didn’t have to wait an hour for it to start working; nor did I feel such a sharp crash once the drugs wore off.

“Over the next six months of rehab I went from having my arm completely immobilized in a splint to regaining a great deal of my range of motion and feeling. This was a grueling process, but my use of MMJ helped me through it without becoming addicted to opiates.  According to my doctors my rate of healing was faster than average, and when my pain was gone, it was quite easy to stop smoking. MMJ was a miracle for me, and for that reason I urge people to cast aside the negative connotations associated with MMJ and see it for all the good it can bring to those who need it when used responsibly.”

(Rick S., General Contractor)

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