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Compassionate Organics (CO) is committed to ensuring full protection for registered patients, personal caregivers, dispensary agents, as well as for the premises.  CO’s approach will rely on the latest in security technology and industry best practices, including a state of the art alarm system, panic response alarms, identification and access controls for patients and staff, and standard operating procedures around which staff will be trained and monitored.  Such features will include, but are not limited to:

  • 24/7 CCTV recordings from all video cameras that are available for immediate viewing by the Department upon request; recordings will be retained for at least 90 calendar days
  • Randomized monthly “spot-checks/audits” of security systems to verify and improve operations
  • Secure inside loading/unloading of vehicles in the rear of the facility
  • Local banking and armored truck services provided by Century Bank
  • Patient escorts by request to vehicle, subway, bus line, or other form of transportation
  • Medical lock-boxes provided to patients at no cost to ensure safe storage of edibles at home
  • Duress (panic) alarms at various locations
  • On premise secure self-check-out payment system, where cash is inserted directly into a self-serve kiosk, precluding staff from handling cash
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